Clarisse Leal
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Author’s Biography:

Clarisse Leal was born in the city of Barra Mansa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She’s been an avid reader of Marion Zimmer Bradley, Christian Jaq and Dan Brown, and started her career as a writer in 2008. “The Mystery Hidden in the Black Land” was finished in 2013, and released in 2015. Currently, the author dedicates herself to conducting research and writing her new novel, which takes place in the city of New York.


The brief first part of “The Mystery Hidden in the Black Land” takes place on the outskirts of the Faiyum Oasis, situated in the Saharan Desert, around 3200 BC - a time before the Egyptian dynasties. In this remote period, a man is born with a blemish on his face: the Serpent’s Eye, which earns him the wariness of his tribe*. Being the sole witness to a cosmic event, he is sent by the tribe’s Supreme Elder to the middle of the desert, where he finds a mysterious object capable of deeply affecting the perception of those who come in contact with it. Following his return to the tribe and the sharing of his findings, a secret society is thus created - with the mission of protecting this holy object, keeping it hidden from mankind.
In the second part, centuries thereafter, the beautiful Zenobia of Tadmor is born, daughter to a sheikh of the four tribes of the Sinai Desert; as a teenager, she is lured by a black wizard, who talks her into searching for the holy artifact. That is when the young warrior sets out on her epic journey, along which she’ll resort to any means - even cruelty - to achieve her goals, while facing her greatest enemy - the Roman Empire, which rules the entire territory. Passion and ambition, loyalty and betrayal, adventures and misadventures, these are only some of the elements which give life to this tale told in a modern, objective and dynamic language.

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